Africa Capital makes investments in cash generating businesses within the SME sector where we see our resources and experience delivering accelerated growth towards a market leadership position.


In a market where the norm is to suspend reality and promote false dreams; where all that glitters is often not gold and where conflicts of interest abound, we aim to cut through the pretence.

Our Vision
To invest in potential that creates industry leaders.

Our Goal
Unlocking value through opportunity.

Our Values

Intuition - To understand specific situations before they become general propositions.

Intelligence - To marry experience with human capital and financial engineering, creating value addition in each investment.

Integrity - To offer trust, transparency and respect in everything we do.


With physical offices in Dubai, Johannesburg and Nairobi we are well positioned to manage our investments in companies across the region.

Africa Capital is currently invested as a majority or significant minority shareholder in companies within the relocations, food and beverage, health and wellness, upstream O &G exploration and real estate industries.

These companies currently operate in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East and jointly employ over 1000 people.